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Ethos and Values

Landulph School

Together in Adventure and Discovery

Landulph Vision & Values

At Landulph we are proud to be part of a school where children and staff are inspired to learn, challenged to do their best and encouraged to succeed.  We have high expectations of what our children can achieve and strive to inspire all children to develop a love of learning, so they make good progress and attain their very best, becoming confident and successful individuals in our ever-changing world.

In our school community, we believe learning comes first and we are all committed to the following values:






SMART Shared vision:

Our curriculum describes the total of all learning experiences we plan for children to benefit from whilst in our care.  It covers all of the timetabled lessons but also their personal development, attitude and sense of community we are committed for children to learn.

Strategic Intent

To inspire – our key strategy is to provide a curriculum which promotes curiosity, excites and embeds a thirst for lifelong learning.

To challenge – our key strategy is to delve deeper into the conceptual understanding and skills of every child and unlock misconceptions, so they experience the joy of stretching beyond their current confidence.

To encourage – our key strategy to create a positive learning culture of mutual trust and honest review that builds every child’s foundation of self-esteem, resilience, confidence and the skills to succeed in life.  We will demonstrate respect and fairness within a safe, caring and cooperative culture.

Preparing for an ever-changing world, our key strategies are, to offer diversity on our approach, maximising learning beyond the classroom.  Empowering children through the development of leadership skills enabling them to solve problems creatively, work collaboratively with others and opportunities to develop responsibility.

The school will establish itself at the heart of the community and will work together to constantly improve outcomes for children.  We value collaboration and partnership.