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The Early Help Hub

The Early Help Hub is the single point of access for council and community based health Early Help services for children, young people and families in Cornwall. This is the point of contact for advice and requests for support for a child or young person who:

  • May have additional needs that cannot be met solely by universal services and;
  • Where there is no perceived risk of significant harm.

The team within the Hub will consist of:

  • Contact workers, from a variety of backgrounds including Early Years, Social Care, Education and Early Help, who will process the Requests for Help.
  • A professional triage team, from a variety of professional disciplines, who will offer advice, guidance and support on all aspects of Early Help. They will also make recommendations in response to the Requests for Help.
  • A Manager who will be responsible for the operation of the Hub and will sign off all recommendations and decisions.

How will the Hub respond to Requests for Help?

  • A Request for Help form is completed and submitted to the Hub.
  • A contact worker will carry out additional checks against a range of systems to ensure we are as informed as we can be about the Request.
  • In most cases, the Request will be passed to a professional triage worker who will explore it further to make a recommended response. These may include:
    • Additional information gathering and screening by specialist clinical teams
    • Assignment to a health or council locality team to provide an Early Help service
    • Provision of information, advice and guidance.
  • The recommendation is reviewed and signed off by the Hub Manager where appropriate.
  • Professionals, parents, young people and members of the public can also ring the Hub to seek advice and support on Early Help services

For further information,

The Cornwall Local Offer

Further support can be found online via the Cornwall SEND Local Offer: