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  • 09/03/23

    Landulph School Celebrates World Book Day in Style

    Last week, Landulph School students and staff celebrated World Book Day with great enthusiasm and energy. The event was a fantastic way for everyone to show their love of reading and books. The students were treated to a wide range of book-themed activities, which included storytelling sessions...
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  • 05/02/23

    Dressing up for NSPCC's Number Day

    On Friday 3rd February, we all enjoyed celebrating all things number related for NSPCC's Number Day. From creating our own giant number art and sequencing caterpillars to target practice and bingo - our children had a wonderful day.
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  • 19/01/23

    Class 3 - Solving a dragon-napping!

    A terrible crime was committed at Landulph yesterday, where Class 3's beloved Edgar was dragon-napped whilst enjoying his holidays. Every member of staff was a suspect in the investigation and the children were all devastated with the tragic news. Luckily, Class 3 were learning all about CSI...
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  • 18/01/23

    Class 2 having great exploring toys and games from the 1900s

    Class 2 have been comparing toys and games from the 1900s. They have had great fun playing hopscotch, jacks and marbles. In D.T. they made elastic band powered cars.
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  • 04/01/23

    Traders and Raiders - Class 3 Topic

    Class 3 had a fabulous time launching their new topic - Traders and Raiders. We enjoyed converting our classroom into our very own mead-hall, inspired by Beowulf, and feasted on bread, honey and mead... non-alcoholic of course! We then learnt all about Kennings poems which originated from the...
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  • 16/12/22

    Christmas Dinner

    The Christmas festivities are well underway with our delicious Christmas dinner. It was enjoyed by all the children and the staff, who were on-hand to help serve and eat with the children. Thank you, Liz, for preparing an amazing feast.
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  • 05/12/22

    A.I.M. High Writing Day

    Isabelle & Maddie recently attended an inspiring writing workshop by the author Debra Bertulis. They wrote an amazing Christmas poem which we hope you enjoy reading. A big thank you to Linda, one of our school Governors who accompanied them for the day. She was very proud of hard they both wo...
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  • 30/11/22

    Planting a Tree for the Queen's Jubilee

    All local communities across Cornwall were offered the chance to plant a celebratory landmark tree in their community. The Parish of Landulph and Cargreen chose to dedicate it to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and register it as part of the Queen’s Green Canopy.
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  • 24/11/22

    Grandparents Lunch

    We were delighted to welcome so many grandparents into school for our grandparents lunch. Thank you to Liz for cooking the delicious food!
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  • 07/11/22

    Harvest Festival

    It was fantastic that so many of you were able to join us at Landulph Church on the last day of term for our Harvest Celebrations.
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  • 21/10/22

    A.I.M High Writing Day

    A couple of our pupils were lucky enough to spend the day at a writing workshop with the author Colin R Parsons.
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  • 11/10/22

    The function of the Lungs - Class 3 take a hands on approach!

    I know you're all keen to find out how Class 3 got on with learning about our lungs, so best I not make you wait any longer... We once again welcomed our beloved Debbie with a fresh delivery of pig lungs. Prior to this, we learned all about the different parts of the lungs including the...
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