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Home Learning

It is really important that you…

  1. Listen to your child read as often as possible.

For the younger children, we would expect this to be every day and as their ability progresses in the older year groups, you will find they need less support from you and will love to pick up a book for pleasure. We would still recommend hearing them read and sharing books with them three times a week and hope you will see this as a relaxing, positive time where you focus purely on this one task.

  1. Give your child daily practice time on Times Tables Rockstars or Numbots.

This will significantly improve your child’s mental recall and fluency, which translates directly into their understanding during maths lessons.

  1. Spend time supporting your child in learning their spellings or phonics. Use Speling Shed regularly.

Within school, we practise these three vital skills daily, but the advantages for those children who are supported at home are vast. They are three fundamental skills that only take a small amount of time within the day. Please make them a priority for your child.

    4. Complete tasks from the Home Learning grid sent each half-term

If your child would like to share some news/home learning or just pop by and say ‘Hello’ the following email addresses available which the class teachers will monitor during their working hours.

For those of you with a child in Foundation, don’t forget to update Tapestry with all of the amazing things you have done



If you have any queries about school then please use one of the following email addresses: or

Embracing flexibility in learning: 

Our school is prepared to adapt and support students in various circumstances. We are committed to providing a seamless educational experience, ensuring that every student can continue their learning journey, even in unique situations. Rest assured, our dedicated team is ready to implement remote education if the need arises. Together, we navigate the path of education with resilience and adaptability.