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Class 2 Ventures into the Wild with Natural Materials, Crafting Stunning Dream Catchers

In an exhilarating Wild Tribe session, the pupils of Class 2 embarked on a creative journey, using a combination of natural materials discovered around their school premises, along with string, ribbon, and pipe cleaners. The result? A magnificent array of dream catchers that showcased their ingenuity and resourcefulness.

Pupils gathered an assortment of materials, including twigs, feathers and leaves to harness the beauty of nature and incorporate it into their artistic endeavours. It was a perfect blend of creativity and sustainability, as they utilised the resources readily available in their surroundings.

Armed with these natural treasures, the pupils skilfully intertwined string, ribbon, and pipe cleaners to construct the intricate frames of their dream catchers. The combination of earthy elements and vibrant accents brought their creations to life, adding a touch of enchantment to their artwork.

As they weaved the materials together, their dream catchers gradually took shape. With every feather delicately attached, and every bead thoughtfully strung, the dream catchers became tangible reflections of their creativity and dedication. They radiated a sense of wonder, embodying the harmonious collaboration between nature's offerings and their imaginative minds.

As the Wild Tribe adventure drew to a close, Class 2 proudly presented their stunning dream catchers, adorned with a blend of natural and man-made elements. The combination of resourcefulness and artistic expression showcased the pupils' ability to transform humble materials into works of art, brimming with symbolism and personal flair.