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The function of the Lungs - Class 3 take a hands on approach!

I know you're all keen to find out how Class 3 got on with learning about our lungs, so best I not make you wait any longer...

We once again welcomed our beloved Debbie with a fresh delivery of pig lungs. Prior to this, we learned all about the different parts of the lungs including the trachea, the bronchioles and the alveoli.

We (the children) then had a lot of fun watching the lungs expand as they 'inhaled' and deflate as they 'exhaled' (Miss CC didn't find this bit as thrilling as the class though). This part of the lesson was met with lots of screams and giggles as the children took in turns observing the function of the lungs in action. We then dissected the lungs up in order to identify the key parts we had been learning about in lessons.

All in all, Class 3 have absolutely loved their topic so far and relish having the opportunity to share their knowledge about blood as well as both the circulatory and respiratory system - so make sure you ask them all about it!