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Landulph School History

The current Landulph Primary School opened on 19th November 1923

In the early days of the school there were only two classrooms which were separated by the clock tower and chamber.  In 1978 the school was extended and the two classrooms became the main hall as it is today and new classrooms were added.  The school was again extended and fully modernised in 1982, and improvements continue to be made on an on-going basis.

Although the school looks quite different today, the War Memorial Clock at the front of the building is still in exactly the same place as when the school was opened.  When plans were made for the school to be built, the village wished to have a memorial to recognise members of the parish who had served in the First World War and it was suggested by a teacher that a clock be incorporated into the building.  Since that time the clock has served as a fitting memorial retaining the link with the past, but has kept excellent time and is ever present in the day to day activities of the school with the hourly striking bell which can be heard throughout the building and surrounding area.  It is also the school emblem featuring on the school uniform and all information relating to Landulph Primary.

The opening of the school 19th November 1923.