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Dear Parents,

The Ofsted report from their visit in June has now been sent to us and we are permitted to post a link on our website for you to read the full report from the 27th September (see below). We can inform you that Ofsted confirmed the school continues to be judged as a ‘GOOD’ school and we can also provide you with a brief summary of the details.

Thank you for the excellent comments that you sent to OFSTED during the inspection. It really does mean a great deal to the staff that you described the school as ‘A safe and welcoming place for children to grow and learn’ and as ‘being at the heart of the community’. We are pleased that through their own observations of staff and conversations with children OFSTED also recognised that staff ‘take the time to get to know pupils as individuals and that this ‘helps to develop their confidence and independence’. Particularly identifying building ‘aspects of their character, such as self-esteem and resilience’.

Ofsted agreed that the three areas the school had identified as requiring particular development in our plans for this year were the right ones to focus on and we are pleased to report that these three are already well underway. Our new system of phonics will be launched this half term with further staff training planned for November which will help us maintain our record of higher than national average outcomes in this area; you will have received the new knowledge organisers identifying the key knowledge your child will need this term to support their learning and throughout this term we also have external support arranged to help us integrate the new phonics scheme with our reading materials to support all children as they move through the school.

Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Ball

To view or download the full report please visit the following link: Ofsted | Landulph School

Please follow the link below if you wish to read the latest Department for Educations School Performance Tables and local statistics.

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