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Here at Landulph School, our provision is designed to enhance and nurture children’s wonder of the world.  We intend to develop a curiosity about the world for our pupils with the intention that this fascination and will stay with them long before their time at Landulph.  Through a broad, balanced and inclusive curriculum, we will ensure the progressive development of geographical concepts, knowledge and skills; enabling the children to develop a love for geography.

Geography at Landulph should develop the children’s knowledge of their local communities whilst making the most of the wonderful area of outstanding beauty in which we are located with many field trips that occur for each class throughout the academic year.   In addition to this, our children will develop their knowledge and understanding of the wider world around them and enjoy having opportunities to learn about a range of cultures, climates and traditions, encouraging them to expand their understanding of our big and beautiful world. 


Our whole curriculum is shaped by our school vision which aims to enable all children, regardless of background, ability, additional needs, to flourish and to achieve their very best.

Geography at Landulph is taught in blocks throughout the year so that children can achieve depth in their learning.  Teachers have identified the key knowledge and skills of each blocked topic and consideration has been given to ensure progression across topics throughout each year group across the school.  At the beginning of each topic, children are able to convey what they know already as well as what they would like to find out.  This informs the programme of study and also ensures that lessons are relevant and take account of children’s different starting points.  Consideration is given to how greater depth will be taught, learnt and demonstrated within each lesson as well as how learners will be supported in line with the school’s commitment to inclusion.  Cross curricular links in Geography are specifically planned for with strong links between Geography and English identified, planned for and utilised.  Our local area is used extensively to achieve the desired outcomes with ample of opportunities for learning outside the classroom embedded in practise. School trips and fieldwork are provided to give first-hand experiences which enhance children's understanding of the world beyond their locality.


Outcomes in topic books evidence a broad and balanced Geography curriculum and demonstrate children’s acquisition of identified key knowledge.  Children reflect on their successes within lessons and are actively encouraged to develop their curiosities independently outside of the classroom, developing them into life-long learners.  As children progress throughout the school, they develop a deep knowledge, understanding and appreciation of our local areas and its place within the wider geographical context.  

The Curriculum Leader for Geography is:

Emma Spence

Geography Progression of Skills